​​​​​As we all remember, adolescence can be a particularly challenging transition for youth as well as their parents. Adolescents are facing confusing and difficult decisions about their future and identity. During this time they need both love and guidance from their parents as well as the space to develop independence. This balance is often difficult to navigate.  

     In order to grow, adolescents must take healthy risks, but unfortunately, some fall into unhealthy risk-taking, such as alcohol/drug use, self-injurious behavior (ex. cutting), or other self-destructive behaviors. Parents are faced with very confusing and difficult decisions about when to “let go” and when to intervene.  Psychotherapy can provide a safe space for teens.

     Therapy with teenagers may include some play and art therapy depending on their age, interests, and needs in order to feel comfortable in expressing themselves. Adolescents are usually much more able to articulate their problems, thoughts and feelings, but again, this will be assessed on an individual basis.

"The only way out is through."  

-Robert Frost

Therapy with Teenagers