I provide psychotherapy for all ages, including babies/toddlers & their parents, children, adolescents, and adults.  These sessions have a variety of constellations, such as individual, couples, and/or families, depending on your needs and goals.

I provide consultation for parents.  These sessions may focus around general parenting styles and practices or may focus on more specific issues, such as a problem behavior, how to talk to children/teens about difficult subjects, such as divorce, or how to support your child in their gender identity.

I provide consultation for mental health practitioners, schools, and agencies, particularly with a focus on supporting children, teens, and parents.  I also provide consultation to mental health professionals who want to better the clinical application of Attachment Theory or the Gender Affirmative Model.

Please explore my website to learn a little more about some of these services and/or contact me at (510) 334-7023 to learn more.