A gender specialist is a provider that has specialized training, experience, and knowledge in working with issues related to gender identity and gender expression.  I am a child and adolescent gender specialist in Berkeley.  As a gender specialist, I provide psychotherapy for children and adolescents who are gender expansive, gender creative, gender nonbinary, transgender, etc. I provide support around all aspects of gender identity and expression, such as:  building gender resilience, managing gender dysphoria, social transitions, medical interventions.

     I also provide parenting support and consultation in raising and supporting a child in their gender identity and expression. There is no one formula because every child, every family, and every community is unique. Our work will include both psychoeducation and support, such as around:  talking with your child about gender, child development and building resilience, thinking about/making difficult decisions, and all the range of feelings and concerns that arise in supporting your child while also navigating extended family, schools, and the larger community.

Today you are you, that is truer than true.  There is no one alive who is youer than you.  

​~Dr. Seuss


Gender Specialist