​     Couples Therapy

     Couples therapy can help to build communication skills and deepen intimacy between you and your partner. Couples therapy can also provide a safe space to explore and provide support in making difficult decisions about the next step in your relationship. Regardless of your situation, gender, or sexuality, I will work with you and your partner to identify and work towards your goals. 

​     Therapy for Adults
     Some people seek therapy in order to address a particular issue, such as depression or difficulty developing relationships. Others seek therapy in order to gain support in making an important decision in their lives, such as choosing a career or a life path. Still others begin therapy with only a vague sense that life is not quite fulfilling or that something is “off”.

     Therapy can help in all of these situations to provide additional tools and support, equip you with new skills in relating to self and others, and provide a space for self-reflection and growth.